Deokjin Park: Jeonju’s Hidden Gem













Deokjin Park is very easy to miss if you are just visiting Jeonju for a day or two.  It lies buried in the northeast corner behind Jeonbuk University and out of sight from the main road.  It is also quite far from Jeonju’s main attraction, the Hanok Village, and its quirky, commercialized downtown area.  But Deokjin Park shouldn’t be missed if you are visiting Jeonju in July or August.  During that time the lotus lilies bloom, giving the park a stunning and captivating splash of color and life that it otherwise lacks throughout the year.

A visit to the park is worthwhile at any time of  day.  It is relatively quiet in the early morning, save for a few photographers or older people enjoying a morning stroll.  In the evenings there is an exceptional light show that is worth seeing.  During the day you can peddle around the lake in a  duck (or dragon) boat and then head to the coffee shop located in the hanok-style house that sits in the middle of the lake.  You can also walk around the rest of the park and look at the handful of interesting statues that decorate it while enjoying the summer foliage.

Getting There:

Getting to Deokjin Park is easiest by taxi for anyone who isn’t familiar with Jeonju.  From the train station or Hanok Village it will cost about 8,000 won ($).  If you split the fare with your travel companions it is much cheaper.  Show the taxi drive these words:

덕진공원 가 주세요

If you know the Jeonju area you can take a bus.  It will cost 1,100 won.  The following buses go to the Park:

2, 9, 62, 69, 87, 89, 165, 231, 245, 375

Musical Fountain :

Musical Fountain Hours [Information was copied from the Jeonju City Culture Tour Site in August 2013]

Division 1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th round

Spring, Fall (Apr. ~ May, Sep. ~Oct. ) 2:00 P.M 5:00 P.M 8:00 P.M 9:00 P.M

Summer (June ~August) 2:00 P.M 5:00 P.M 9:00 P.M 10:00 P.M

However, for nighttime show, 3rd round starts 20 minutes in advance, and 4th round is not operated on Saturday.






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